Should I say something ? or mind my own business ?

Question by pam d: Should I say something ? or mind my own business ?
My daughter is 40yrs old married , no children but has a cat….her and husband have a very nice life style. The problem is their home …It’s filthy ..I mean really dirty ….oven in cooker has not been cleaned for 3 years , work tops only get a wipe once in a blue moon , kitchen table is covered in cat hairs , and rest of the house is just the same . I’m not talking about untidiness, it’s dirt ! They have a very nice life style …holidays 2-3 time a year the best of wine , go out to dinner a few times a week but the house is so bad I don’t want to go there when invited for dinner. They are both very very clean about themselves …I just don’t understand what is going on in her /his head …they don’t come from dirty homes…they come from homes that are lived in but clean. Should I say something to her / him or should I just stay out of it. The reason I’m concerned is …they are renting from someone I know …in fact it’s someone I do business with . They are due to move into their own home next year and this rented house must be clean for the next tenant ….they didn’t get their deposit back from the last house they rented … because of the dirt they left behind. Any suggestions would be most appreciated . My husband says I should just keep out of it , because my daughter will get annoyed and use this to cut us off…she has done this sort of thing before … I really am not sure what to do or how to handle it. I’m also not afraid of her cutting us off because I have dealt with this sort of behaviour since she was a little child.

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Answer by Rick M
She’s 40 years old? I think it might be time to cut the apron strings and let her live her own life. Really what concern is it of yours what condition their house is in or whether they get their security deposit back?

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