Ladies and Guys, what do you think this lass is telling me?

Question by Paul: Ladies and Guys, what do you think this lass is telling me?
Here’s how the text messages went:

Me: …Hey, do you want 2 come 4 tea at mine Friday I’m making beef. Wine is also on the menu. x

Lass: …I might have to take u up on the offer tomorrow, I’ll let u know for definite by the end of the day tho cos im not sure of my plans yet! Have a good day x

Me:Okay x


Lass: just thought I better let u know im not gonna make it tomorrow, thnx for the offer tho’! Hope u have a good weekend, I’ll probably see u on next nite out at the end of the month! (works due)


Me: Ok. Maybe see you then, then.

Me: …just thought on, u said u wanted 2 come bk to (company name) lastnight, was that the drink talking? I can have a word at work if u want me to. Let me know & also let me know if u want 2 have a drink 1 night perhaps. I don’t bite only if u ask me to. (Smiley face) x

Lass: It’ll have been the drink talking I have to be honest with u, Ive split up with my boyfriend but I have got my eye on someone

Lass: …else so I just want to see what happens there, sorry, wrong timing x

Me: No Debbie. I was just being friendly. The truth is I enjoy ur company, however ur a nice person from what i can gather & i won’t have minded so much if we did get 2gether but thats not the reason. Hope something does happen 4 u & if u find out the grass int as green as u thought u can perhaps see me if its not the wrong timing. x

Lass: Oh right sorry. i must have got the wrong end of the stick! Never mind, hope u have a good day, spk soon x

Me: Don’t worry about it. I think u misinterpreted my msg. What I was trying to say is that I like ur company as friends but Im a spontaneous guy and i don’t think id resist 2 say the least if u get my drift? x

Lass: I see ok, i appologise, its just me jumping to the wrong conclusion, bit of a blond moment!!

Me: No need to apologise. What conclusion were u jumping to? I like u as a friend, & even if u were a mate, a bloke i mean id

Me:… id probably still ask u, not that im gay but cos i like ur company. Ur right in 1 respect tho i think ur attractive & sexy x
Waht do I do now? I’ve put my foot in it havn’t I. What to do? Is there any chance do u think?

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Answer by mise
She aint interested

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